Get a curvy figure

>>>>> Mix and Match customs are open again! 3D printer has been set up. <<<<<<

>>> All new models posted on instagram are available for purchase and will be on Etsy soon. Have one in mind? Let us know and we’ll put it on Etsy right away.

Interested in getting a curvy figure from one of the photos or a special curvy figure of your own? That’s possible!

Almost all of our figures can be purchased, let us know which one you are interested in and we’ll put it in our Etsy Store or we can make a Paypal invoice.

Contact us by email or dm us on Instagram or on Etsy.

We are open for mix and match customs. See a head and chest you like but they aren’t currently on the same figure? No worries, we can mix the parts you like to see on your custom figure. Also let us know if you would like weapons, shields or something else some lady is holding in the photos.

Mix and Match Customs
There are currently 3 main body types. Kiva, Shasuna and the new lady Brys.