CSA Chesty in the graslands

Curves and Swords Chesty in the grasslands, close to the badlands.


CSA Shakiva in the woods

Curves and Swords Shakiva. Shakiva is an older character but since she was painted and with an updated body she could also go on holiday.

CSA Nympire Brys

Curves and Swords Adventure Nympire Brys in the bad lands. This part of Egypt is most like the land where the Nympires originate. Barren and lifeless. Desolate Valley is where the first Nympires were sighted after being extinct for hundreds of years.

CSA Shasuna


Shasuna is the hero of Curves and Swords Adventure and the main mascot figure of Plastic Polygon. This is where it all started, curvy and muscular. Something that I couldn’t find in any action figure so I tried to make it myself. The original Shasuna is 7” tall and fits in with the Masters of the Universe Classics figures. The idea was to make a female figure curvy and more or just as muscular as He-Man himself.

She has long straight hair and wields a laser blaster and battle axe.